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UPM 2018 Paper Template

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Present a Paper for the UPM Forum

The application process for paper publication and presentation for the UPM 2017 is now closed.

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  1. Click here to download Adobe Reader or check for the latest version of adobe reader on your computer.
  2. Fill in all areas by typing the form content, except the SIGNATURE areas.
  3. Move your cursor over the form. Place the cursor where you want to type. (Cursor turns from an arrow to a text cursor).  
  4. TAB button keyboard button will take you to the next fillable area or place cursor in each fillable underlined area.
  5. Go to FILE: SAVE the completed file to your computer BEFORE you can sign the document online.
  6. Sign Completed PDF Online:
    • There are several ways to sign a DOWNLOADED or SAVED PDF document online.  See video tutorial
    • Digital Ink Signature (does not notify you of any changes)
    • Digital Certified Signature (notifies you of document changes)
    If you have any questions, call at 281-493-1100, extension 101 . Or email us at

[After selecting the text of each form (BEFORE filling out form), select Save As to a specific location, complete each form electronically, then Save As again; name the document as follows: PrimaryAuthor’sLastName_CompanyName-DocumentName]

Send ALL three completed forms to no later than Monday, October 30th, 2017.

Abstracts addressing one of the technical subject areas should be 200-400 words in length and contain a description and application of the work. Final papers and presentations should also contain results and conclusions, recommendations for improvement of the work, and a description of the significance of the contribution to the technical knowledge base of the industry.

UPM 2018 Schedule for Papers/Presentations



October 30, 2017 Abstracts/Forms due for UPM 2018
December 20th Agenda announced; registration open
January 31st Paper manuscript dues
Feb 7th PowerPoint presentation due
Jan 31-Feb19 Feb 7th Paper and Presentation Reviews
February 20, 2018 Practice presentation for all presenters at Forum venue
February 21 - 22, 2018 Forum

UPM Forum Paper and Presentation Templates

Authors of accepted papers will be notified in November.

Papers and presentations must use the following templates:

UPM Forum Paper template

UPM Forum Presentation template

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