The UPM Forum 2016 was a technical development event combining paper presentations, debate and Q&A, and a collective assessment of priorities in production and drilling measurement.

Each presentation was followed by a 10 minute Q&A session open to the general assembly, where healthy discussion took place. Two hours of time was also allocated to breaks and lunch for participants to further discuss one-on-one the issues presented. Before the close of the Forum, consensus was drawn on where progress is needed most, and to set a direction for the agenda for the coming year.

In the Forum’s second year, one speaker from the 2015 Forum was selected by Forum Sponsor representatives as the Outstanding Paper, based on the impact and promise that the paper and presentation has had on the state of technology during the year that followed. The UPM 2015 Best Paper Award was given to Amin Amin.

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2016 Papers/Presentations

UPM Forum 2016,
Wednesday - Thursday, 24-25 February, 2016,
Houston, Texas

Forum administrator reserves the right to modify the agenda as required to accommodate speakers.