UPM Forum 2018 Papers and Presentations

February 21, 2018


Eric Toskey
UPM Forum Welcome
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Steve Crowell, PlusPetrol
Keynote: Backward or Forward – Where is Our Focus?

Dr. Ram Mohan, Univ. of Tulsa
Lecture: State of the Art of Compact Separators for Production Measurement – From the Lab to the Field
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Martin Schlebach, Emerson Automation Solutions
UPM 18020: Hydrocarbon Dew Point Effects on Gas Flow Measurement
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Craig Marshall, NEL
UPM 18030: Measurement of Heavy Oils Using Differential Pressure Meters
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Fred Jacobs, BSEE
Presentation: BSEE Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Update
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Matt Zimmerman, BP
Presentation: API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Ch. 20.5 Recommended Practice for Application of Production Well Testing in Measurement and Allocation
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Arun Kurian, Shell; Thomas Hurstell, Letton Hall Group
Presentation: API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Ch. 20.1 Recommended Practice for Production Measurement and Allocation Systems
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Michael Nikolaou, Univ. of Houston
Lecture: Intelligent Energy: The Synergy Between Computers and Oil & Gas
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Shah Kabir, U. of Houston; Steve Hoadley, Chevron
UPM 18040: Inferring Rates from Wellhead Chokes during Multiphase Flow
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Jack Marelli, MultiPhase Systems LLC
UPM 18060: Artificial Intelligence Integration of Mechanistic Fluid Modeling and Microwave Array Processing for Multiphase Metering Applications in the Permian Basin
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Marcel Grubert, E.J. Zisk, OptaSense
Presentation: Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Measurement & Applications
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Eric Grzelak, OneSubsea
Presentation: OneSubsea AquaWatcher
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Omar Kulbrandstad, MicroSilicon
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Pasi Laakkonen, Rocsole
Presentation: See Beyond - Electric Tomography
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February 22, 2018

Roy Long, NETL DOE
Presentation: Department of Energy Offshore and Midstream Oil and Gas Measurement Research Overview
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Dr. James Brill, Univ. of Tulsa
Lecture: Multiphase Flow in Pipes - Flow Pattern Prediction

Onur Fidaner, Rigoras Inc.
UPM 18080: Distributed Multiphase Flow Metering Using Fiber Optic Sensing
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Christine Ehlig-Economides, Univ. of Houston & Letton Hall Group
Presentation: The Value of Permanent Pressure and Rate Transient Measurements
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Dr.Alfred Rieder, Erwin H. Doorenspleet , Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG
UPM 18100: Evaluating New Generation Vibrating Tube Sensor for Density Measurement under Process Conditions
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Richard Streeton, Ingve Morten Skjaeldal, Kenneth Gundersen, Prashant Bajpayee, TechnipFMC; Alessandro Speranza, Nuno Pedrosa, Xiaohong Zhang, KBC Advanced Technologies
UPM 18090: Advance PVT Handling for Multiphase Metering
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Jeff Creek, Letton Hall Group
UPM 18070: Considerations for Multiphase Meter Table Preparation from Equation of State Fluid Models
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Adilbek Mursaliyev, NCOC N.V., Beibit Akbayev, Schlumberger
UPM 18130: Multiphase Flow Meter Implementation, Verification, and Use for Calibration of Virtual Metering in Kashagan Project
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Dan Cutting, Pioneer Natural Resources
Multiphase Flow Meter Installations and Field Details

NOTE: Where applicable, the name in bold was the presenting author. Some presentations may not be available for download.